Collagen Shower

Shower for healthy skin with negative ion,
Water saving micro stream spray.....

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Features and Effects

1. Vitamin C added
Remaining Chlorine removal and skin moisturizing effect
2. Collagen added
Smooth effect
3. Ceramic ball equipped
Deoxidation function / Antibacterial effect / Deodorizing effect /
The effect of far Infrared rays / Anion generation / Fatigue relief / Smooth metabolism and sterilizing function
4. Micro-pore discharge port
Maximized anion generation / Water-saving effect
5. Fabric filter
Elimination of floating matters such as the sand and rust in the source water
6. Simple replacement
Vitamin C + Collagen filter, Ceramic ball, and fabric filter

Function matrix

Function matrix
Main material Heat-Resisting PC
Usable Water Pressure / Temperature 0.7~7.5kgf / ㎠ / 0~70℃
Product Specification 62.0(W)X53.0(D)X240.0(H)
Shower Plate Structure Micro-Pore Plate
Total Number of Shower Plate Holes Φ 0.20 / 412 EA
Cartridge Structure Revolving Cartridge Structure
Vitamin Filter / Replacement Period 50g / 7,000ℓ
Type of Fragrance Rosemary / Lavender / Pine Needles
Pre Filter / Replacement Period Φ 26 X 19mm / 1~2 Month
Ceramic Filter / Replacement Period 30g / Semi-Permanent

Water and skin

Water and skin
  • The content of water decreases from the deep skin to the outer skin in terms of the region of the skin.
  • Horny layer contains the water of 15%, protein of 70%, and fat of 15%. On the other hand, the horny generation cell contains the water of 70%, protein of 15%, and fat of 5%.

Micro-pore Discharge Port

Water and skin
  • Stream effect by micro-port discharge port
  • It makes the discharge port of the shower head to the micro-pore and so make the small water molecule like the waterfall and maximizes the anion generation.
  • Water-saving effect ( 65% )
  • Detection of large Negative Ions (approx. 500,000/cc)
  • Maximized skin massage effect by minimizing water molecule
  • Skin moisturizing effect by small water molecule
  • Skin moisturizing effect by small water molecule.
  • Helps the skin lifting .
  • Helps the make-up .
  • Prevents dandruff and baldness.
  • Ensures a smooth hair.
  • Helps the pimple removal .
  • Good for itchy and allergy sensitive skin.
  • Decreases the skin tugging after the bath, shower bath and face wash.
  • Prevents furs.

Lenard Effect

To generate the anion, there are the method using the Lenard Effect and Corona method by artificial electric charges.
Because this product generates the anion by 'Lenard Effect', it is the Negative Ion (anion) like a forest or waterfall.

Generation of anion by Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide by electric charges of water molecule through a friction between a surface and water like the waterfall or fountain

What is Anion?

What is Anion?
Among ions of very weak electric charges in the air, the electrically-charged atom carrying a negative charge is the Negative Ion and the electrically-charged atom carrying a positive charge is the Positive Ion. It means the electrically-charged ion carrying the negative charge and positive charge in atoms or molecules
  • Blood purification
  • Mental stabilization
  • Autonomic nerve control
  • Strong immunity
  • Strong liver function
  • Cell activation
  • Air clean-up
  • Increasing resistivity


Vitamin C and Collagen Filter

1. Vitamin C Effect
The tap water contains the chlorine ingredient. Chlorine, as a germicidal agent, is widely used to sterilize bacteria and germs in water. However, because the chlorine worsens the immunizing function of the body and causes various diseases,there is a increase worry on the remaining chlorine in the tap water.
Because the remaining chlorine in the tap water stimulates the skin and so causes the atopic dermatitis, pruritus and xerosis. Also, it worsens the existing atopic dermatitis. Because of it, when the person takes a bath with normal tap water with remaining chlorine, there is the remaining chlorine between skin layers. If the person uses the moisturizing agent in this state, it worsens the skin diseasesbecause it covers the remaining chlorine one more. Accordingly, persons who have the atopic skin or sensitive skin must eliminate the chlorine firstly.
This product is strongly recommended to women who are interested in the skin beauty, babies who have the weak skin, and people who have the sensitive skin and atopic skin.
Protecting hair and skin
Changing the source water into weak acid water
Strengthening hair and skin care by moisturizing effect
Atopic skin improvement Whitening effect
Moisturizing effect
2. Collagen Effect
Collagen is the major insoluble fibrous protein in the extracellular matrix and in connective tissue. The mesh-like collagen network binds cells together and provides the supportive framework. This protein supports tissues and organs and connects these structures to bones. Bones are also composed of collagen combined with certain minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. The collagen is the major component especially of corneas, cartilages, bones and dermis in human body.
Keep the skin tone and elasticity
Strengthen the hair and skin fitness by rehydrate effect

Compound Ceramic Filter

Effect of functional compound ceramic
1. Reduction activation (active metabolism)
2. Water softening function
3. Skin moisturizing effect
4. Anti-bacterial function
5. Deodorizing function
6. Effect of far infrared rays
Reduction Activation
The realm of nature is composed of oxidation and deoxidation.Oxidation decomposes the matter and the tap water has the property to oxidize matters. When this tap water is used, it causes the decomposition of matters which obstruct the blood flow of the body. Controlling this phenomenon is the deoxidation. Because this compound ceramic changes the oxidation property of water into deoxidation property through the radiation of far infrared rays and deoxidation function, it will pursue the healthy life by leading the facilitation of body function with the supply of weak alkali deoxidizing water.
This compound ceramic keeps the restoring power of natural mineral. It continues the activation function for various objects with the radiation of far infrared rays.
Radiation of Far Infrared Rays
The ordinary far infrared ray is pyrolysized at 700 ~ 800 ℃ and the radiation of far infrared rays dramatically drops, But, this product radiates the high far infrared rays exceeding 92% by melting to the Crystal glass at 1300 ~ 1400 ℃.
Anti-bacterial Effect
This compound ceramic has the anti-bacterial function. The measurement result said that there was no germ and 97% of colon bacillus disappeared.
Deodorizing Effect
This compound ceramic has the deodorizing function. In the measurement using the ammonia, the deodorizing effect of approx 94% was validated. This compound ceramic helps the decrease of stinking smell.
Floating Matter Removal Filter
Effect of floating matter removal filter It gets rid of floating matters such as sediments, rust of pipe, and sands and can prevent the effete matter of skin.

Water saving amount experiment wave and comparison

Relational condition
 1. 1 person shower time 10 minutes
 2. input : 3.0 ㎏.f/㎠

Water saving amount experiment wave and comparison
Products Input

company A

company B


1 person amount used  181 170 161 62
4 persons family 1, amount used  724 680 644 248
4 persons family 1 month amount used  21,720 20,400 19,320 440
4 persons family 1 year amount used  260,640 244,800 231,840 89,280
In 1, use tap water price  ₩127,479 ₩119,732 ₩113,392 ₩489.1/ton

*whole country tap water price : ₩489.1/ton (KOWACO : Korea Water Resources Management Corp )